Managing a clinical research enterprise is a daunting task, which can be reflected in disconnected teams, manual processes and discontent.

SignalPath's Simple Path

Our CTMS suite supports site stakeholders across operations, finance, regulatory and management to drive these key values:

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    Drive financial success with sophisticated pre-and post-award modules to ensure every dollar is tracked and captured.

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    Minimize complexity, redundancy and distractions with intuitive workflows that reduce effort and save time.

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    Optimize execution with tools that decrease deviations, improve accuracy and ensure compliance.

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    Do away with sticky notes, bandaids and broken processes. Focus on what matters – patients.

Traveling the Simple Path via Protocol Digitization

We digitize clinical trials for our clients, which eliminates a significant impediment to utilization as the process can be time consuming, complex and prone to error.

Our dedicated team of protocol digitizers use proprietary tools and processes to carefully parse all aspects of a protocol, digitize it within the system and conduct a series of quality checks in partnership with sites. The fully digitized protocol assures quality of trial execution, drives efficiency for stakeholders and enables site staff to focus on patients.

How Protocol Digitization Works

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    Translate Trial Components

    Our team of coordinators, nurses and research professionals uses our patent-pending technology and machine learning tools to translate protocol pdfs into digital protocols.

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    Review Digital Model

    We and our sites perform a series of quality reviews prior to protocol sign off to ensure accuracy.

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    Enable Trial Management

    Once live, the digitized protocols empower granular, sophisticated workflows for site stakeholders, including coordinator, finance, regulatory and management teams.

Benefits of SignalPath’s Protocol Digitization

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    Streamline Protocol Input

    By digitizing the protocols and amendments, we improve turn-around times and profitability since sites don’t have to maintain a workforce to digitize the trials.

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    Ease of Trial Execution

    Facilitate Unrivaled Automated Workflows

    The depth and granularity of our digitized protocol output is unparalleled, which empowers sophisticated, automated workflows for all site stakeholders.

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    Quality & Consistency

    Ensure Accurate and Complete Protocols 

    Our protocol quality assurance steps ensure that all trials are input correctly to avoid deviations and harm.

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    Avoid Distractions

    By ensuring trials and amendments are fully digitized, the site can use the system to its fullest. Sites can focus on what matters most – patients.

Solutions for Research Sites

  • Site CTMS Tool on an iPad


    With an intuitive, user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality, driven by our protocol digitization process, our clinical trial management system (CTMS) supports day-to-day workflow with an ease previously unseen in the market. All visits, activities, timing and decision points are coordinated within the platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, sticky notes and unconnected, disparate tools.

  • Financial Management Tool on an iPad


    Our Finance module facilitates sophisticated budgeting at the activity, visit and trial levels, combining institutional chargemasters with digitized trials, which enables real-time visualizations of study financial metrics, including revenue, costs and profitability. The platform eliminates reliance on ancillary systems and enhances the profitability of sites by optimizing collection, accounts receivable and bad debt based on the budget and real time capture of activity completion.

  • Enterprise Perfomance Tool on an iPad


    Our Insights module creates unrivaled operational visibility with which to run a research organization. Leveraging SignalPath’s integration at the point of care, data is surfaced that reflects all aspects of performance. Embedded communication tools enable interventions, improve communication with sponsors, and put key insights at your fingertips.

  • Study Start-Up Tool on an iPad


    Our Enterprise module allows stakeholders to oversee and influence the launch of a trial, from initial lead to first patient. The tool captures and tracks key activities, the responsible parties and the resulting cycle times in areas including budgeting and contracting. This leads to decreased time and complexity before you enroll your first patient.

Integrations & Partnerships

In addition, SignalPath offers a suite of solutions to ensure we meet the end-to-end needs of clients.

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  • EHR Integrations

    SignalPath integrates with EHR systems to allow the bi-directional transfer of relevant trial information such as demographics, financials, and trial participation.

  • Patient Payments

    SignalPath supports the payment of patient stipends to ensure ease of execution and compliance.

  • Regulatory Document Management

    SignalPath supports solutions to ensure that regulatory documents are easily edited, circulated, signed and stored.

  • EDC, General Ledger, & More

    Depending on site requirements, we’ll work with you to present a solution that addresses any additional integrations necessary to ensure a seamless experience.

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