The SignalPath Research Consortium (SPARC) consists of top clinical research sites, chosen for their people, processes and track record. Through a mixture of technology solutions, training, community offerings and curated trials, SPARC sites and sponsors are able to partner to dramatically outperform competitors.

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SPARC for Sites

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    Training & Education

    Learning resources and webinars help sites perform at their full potential, improve execution, and increase staff retention.

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    Sites have the opportunity to engage experts, learn best practices from each other, and access exclusive resources.

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    New Trial Pipeline

    New trials are streamlined to our SPARC sites through technology - cutting down on the needed effort and time to execute feasibility and other inefficient startup processes.

SPARC for Sponsors

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    Premier Sites

    SignalPath sites are ideal incredible partners - due to a unique and powerful mixture of people, process, and performance.

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    Technology Enabled

    SignalPath's software empowers the network to optimize execution, from startup to study completion.

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    Deep Engagement

    SignalPath's strong relationships with leadership and key stakeholders at member sites facilitates connections and optimizes alignment.

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