SignalPath Compliance and Privacy Program

SignalPath’s Compliance and Privacy Program is committed to ensuring abidance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations, including, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), in the execution of stringent compliance procedural policies for adhering to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and responsibility.

SignalPath complies with the HIPAA Privacy and Security Standards with:

  • Privacy Officer who shall provide the compliance to HIPAA / HITECH rules and standards from relevant privacy laws and compliance regulations.
  • Security Officer who shall provide the information system monitoring and information security policy and procedure management.
  • Developed an annual HIPAA Privacy and Security Awareness training module to equip workforce members and any appropriate third parties on the HIPAA Administrative, Physical, and Technical Safeguards requirements.
  • Originated Compliance Onboarding Orientation for workforce members on management and operation practices required by state and federal regulations to allow qualified individuals to review or receive PHI access.
  • Customized OWASP Security Coding Awareness module to equip workforce members on development and web application security.
  • Incorporated performance and best technical industry security standards and practices to encrypt and protect data at every point.
  • Continuous commitment to GRC process for our Risk and Vendor Assessment Management Programs for privacy and security monitoring initiatives.
  • Creation, management, and tracking of compliance procedural documents; policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures, maintaining the privacy, integrity, safety, and acceptability of PHI.
  • Creation, management, and tracking of compliance procedural documents; policies, standards, guidelines, and procedures, for information security systems reliability and efficiency.
  • Create, monitor, and maintain BAAs to ensure that business associates are maintaining privacy requirements and responsibilities.
  • Implemented processes on receiving, documenting, tracking, investigating, and acting on complaints concerning breaches in privacy policies and procedures.
  • Ensure workforce members operate in compliance with privacy policies and procedures and deploy sanctions in the event of a breach, and maintain a review of breaches in compliance and correct deficiencies.
  • Cooperation with the OCR and other legal entities and organization officers in any compliance reviews, audits, or investigations.

SignalPath has taken extensive measures to continuously reassess compliance procedural documents to ensure that the HIPAA Privacy and Security rules are accurately and consistently applied in the organization. The privacy for both patients and clients is stringently maintained.

SignalPath Compliance and Privacy Program Contact

For any questions about our Compliance and Privacy Program, please contact us by phone, email, mailing query at:

SignalPath, LLC.

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SignalPath Compliance and Privacy

  • Cora Jones

    Cora Jones, DHSc

    Compliance & Privacy Officer

    Cora manages SignalPath’s Compliance Team and the business and operation compliance-related details. She has been in healthcare for 20 years with keen comprehension and understanding of regulations including HIPAA, ISO, CFR, SOC, EU, and continuously advocating patient safety by meeting the laws and regulatory requirements. Cora evolved in the compliance sector from frequent involvement with JCAHO audits at the University of Michigan Hospital, followed by Data Analytics, Data Management, and Compliance at IBM - Watson Health. She holds a BS in Sociology, Women’s Studies, and Pre-Medicine from the University of Michigan, an MSA in Health Administration from Central Michigan University, and a DHSc in Organizational and Behavioral Leadership from A.T. Still University. Cora is a Michigan native and resides in North Carolina.